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What is the biggest cause of dissatisfaction for UK doctors in Australia?

What is the biggest cause of dissatisfaction for UK doctors in Australia?

There is a significant migration of doctors from UK and Ireland to Australia. Most of the doctors are happy to work within Australian healthcare system.

A number of doctors were surveyed about what they do not like about their new job in Australia. The most common cause of dissatisfaction was absence or insufficiency of induction. There was either no induction or very basic one provided by the management of the practice.

UK and Irish GPs require about 100 hours of induction. The time spent on induction is a great investment that pays off immediately. Among results of proper induction are increased job satisfaction, the faster building of clientele, medico-legally safer practice and much better billings.

The cost of the induction may be significant. Some practices invest up to $20 000 in induction. Is it necessary? Yes, it is, for all the reasons above. Is it cost effective? Yes, it is. Average GP from UK or Ireland bills $49 per patient in bulk billing practice. With the induction, that figure goes to $65 – 75 per visit. This effect is achieved due to the introduction of properly provided services other than general consultations.

Can the cost of the induction be reduced? Yes, the cost can be reduced by using a combination of methods of delivery of induction. With the good plan and guidance, part of the induction can be delivered via videos and written material for self-learning. This approach reduces the cost of induction to just a couple of thousand dollars.

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