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Jobs 4 Health wishes you to find your job soon. We will publish tips and suggestions on how to get a great job soon.

Practice managers are very busy people. The last thing they want is to read 300 lengthy resumes every time they try to hire a Receptionist or a Practice Nurse. Practice manager will appreciate your help in this matter. One simple addition to your resume will put you ahead of other candidates. Please, read further.

This magic tool that gets you a job ahead of others is Resume summary. Instead of reading 2 -3 pages of your life achievements, Practice Manager would like to see a brief summary. This brief summary should be written in point form at the top of your resume. For example:

  • Experience in General Practice as a Receptionist – 3 years
  • Live 20 min from your practice. Good transport – own the car, tram as a backup.
  • Held all jobs for a considerable period of time.
  • Prepared to work all shifts.

When applying for a job, read the ad carefully. Try to get the idea of what your proposed employer wants from the future employee. There are plenty of hints in the ad.

For example, the ad says “experienced Receptionist”, “good knowledge of Medinet and Pracnet software” etc. Try to address all that is required in Resume summary.


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