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Pro-Active Employee Selection system (PAESS)

Pro-Active Employee Selection system (PAESS)

Pro-Active Employee Selection system (PAESS) has been developed by a healthcare management consultant Pavel Solovioff in 2015. The common method of employing the workers is reactive. There is a job ad, the candidate responds to the ad, sends his or her resume to the prospective employer and hope for an interview call.

At the interview, both parties have very little objective data to make an informed decision about mutual suitability. During the interview, the employer is mainly reacting to a multitude of verbal and non-verbal cues. As a result, most of the employers learn about the attitudes and abilities of their new employees months into their employment. What if the new employee is found not suitable some months after the start date of the employment? This is a very unpleasant and costly situation.

Pro-Active Employee Selection system (PAESS) is designed to reduce the risk of this scenario. The system allows potential employees to learn more about their future job. The system also allows employers to engage the most suitable, conscientious, proactive and capable candidates.

Pro-Active Employee Selection system (PAESS) has been successfully trialled at two General Practice networks. The outcome was:

  • Less resumes to scan during the selection process – management time saved.
  • Fewer interviews to run.
  • The likelihood of hiring suitable long-term staff increased.
  • The induction and orientation programs of new employees took less time and effort.
  • The quality of services improved.

How PAESS works?

PAESS is industry and position-oriented system.

For example, you are the employer and need a practice nurse. PAESS system will offer all candidates for the position you have listed to go through a learning exercise. The exercise is designed to give a good idea to candidates about the aspects of the job offered. This will include regulatory requirements, useful guidelines, software training and case scenarios.

The conscientious candidate will complete the exercise and will apply for a job with the notation ‘PAESS passed’. As an employer, you will most likely invite ‘PAESS passed’ candidate. Those candidates claim that they are the keenest to get the job.

During the interview, you as an employer will need to check if the candidate really got through the exercise and comprehended the relevant information well. If that is the case, you will offer this person a position.

The benefits of PAESS do not stop there. The candidate has already gone through a learning exercise related to the position. The induction and orientation process will become more effective, faster and less costly.

Jobs for health (Jobs4health) offers PAESS certification.

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